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Would you believe it? They now put hype in a carbonated drink. As if we weren't getting enough of it. Now we can just go to any pop machine and get hype alongside our Pepsi or Froshie. Can you say monopoly? Not that anyone's complaining of course. Break someone's will, and they no longer complain. Yeah, everyone's just gone past the point of no retrieval. There's no point in waking them up and telling them about reality, because they just don't see it. They don't fully realize what they're doing every day. They're nothing more than automatons.

The evening news reported yet another person trying to interfere with the creation process by throwing himself into the hype makers while they were running. Quite sad, his name was Niegle. A family man, kids, nice house, wife, the works. Ranked high, didn't have to worry about anything. Yeah, so he managed to slow those juggernauts for a minute. Then they probably sent int the droids after the mess. Two minutes later they're back online. Yet another freed mind. Too bad that's the only way now. A good way to leave all your societal obligations behind, and make a statment. Hey, you get your 15 seconds in the limelight. I feel sorry for the kids.

The visit was from some salesperson. Wanting to know if I was interested in buying the latest this and that. He rambles on about the newest enhancements for improved durability and strength. And blabs on about the new supplier in Turesia who promises to ship on time.

Says I to him, "What makes you think I want something like this?"

"You seem like a discerning gentleman who would only want the best."

Little does he know. It's much too late for that. The best has come and gone, and has only left bitter aftertastes. Memories and pieces of a past far behind us. The best does not exist anymore. We have to settle for what we have.

"Maybe tomorrow." I slam the door on him.

I don't even know what he's selling. Too bad, he seemed like a nice guy.

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